Effective April 15, 2014, HCS-D and HCS-O candidates and credential holders follow a different process for testing and credential maintenance. For more information, please visit: AHCC.

To register to take your exam, you can register online or download the registration form (.pdf) and fax it to BMSC at 301-287-2535.

  1. Register by using the online Exam Registration Form
  2. Select the examination for which you want to register.
  3. Select your testing venue from the two available options:
    • At a PSI computer-based testing center
    • BMSC-approved live event (visit the Events page to find a conference or workshop where the exam you are interested in is being offered)
  4. Provide all requested information. Be sure to include your email address, as that is how BMSC and the testing center will communicate with you
  5. Enter a valid credit/debit card number for payment of your registration fee.
  6. When your registration is complete and your payment processed, BMSC will send an email confirming your registration, and include a receipt for payment. The email also will contain your candidate ID number. Save that number, you will need it to register on-site at an event or at a PSI testing center.
    • If you’re taking your exam at an event, your email will include the name of the event and a reminder to check in at the registration desk when you arrive at the conference to confirm your name is on the exam registration list.

      Note: In every case, registration for the conference is separate from registration for the BMSC exam. If you plan to attend the event AND take the exam, please remember to register for each separately.

    • If you’re taking your exam at a PSI testing center, you will receive an email from PSI informing you that you now are able to schedule your exam by calling 1-800-733-9267 or by clicking HERE. PSI prefers candidates schedule via its website, which is accessible 24/7. The email from PSI also will have registration instructions.
    • Once your exam is scheduled, PSI will send you a second email confirming the exam you are taking, the location and your appointment date and time.
Here’s what to expect when you take your exam at a conference:
  1. Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time of the exam.
  2. Check in at the registration desk. You will be asked to show two form of ID, one must be a government issued picture ID and any materials you have brought with you. Only BMSC-authorized resources will be allowed in the testing room.
  3. You may enter the testing room at that time.
  4. A proctor will be in the testing room.
  5. Scratch paper and pencils will be available in the testing room.
  6. Once all candidates have been seated, the proctor will distribute the test.
  7. Do not open the exam booklet until instructed to do so by the proctor.
  8. You will be asked to fill in the “bubbles” on the front of the answer form, please make sure to fill each circle in completely.
  9. Once the proctor has given the ok to begin, the clock starts ticking.
  10. You may leave the room during the test, but you must return your exam booklet and answer sheet to the proctor prior to exiting, and retrieve them upon your return. You will not be given additional time if you leave the room for any reason.
  11. When you are satisfied with all of your answers on the exam, you are free to leave.
  12. Please return your test booklet, answer sheet and all scratch paper to the proctor.
  13. If others are still taking the test, please exit the testing room quickly and quietly.
  14. You will receive your exam results within 4-6 weeks. Included in your results packet will be a letter informing with your test score
Successful candidates will receive a:
  • Letter of congratulations that includes your score
  • Score report that tells you how you performed in each area of competency
  • Certificate of achievement, suitable for framing
  • Lapel pin to wear proudly
Unsuccessful candidates will receive:
  • A letter informing them that they were not successful in their first attempt at becoming certified
  • Instructions as to how to schedule a retake exam
Here’s what to expect when you take your exam at a PSI testing center:
  1. Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Bring your PSI confirmation email with you, as well as two forms of identification, one must be a government issued picture ID.
  2. The proctor will check you in for your exam. They will check your ID and any materials you have brought with you. Only BMSC-authorized resources will be allowed.
  3. Proctor will assign you a computer workstation.
  4. Proctor will provide you with scratch paper and pencils. You will return these to the proctor at the end of the exam.
  5. You will be given the opportunity to become familiar with the computer by viewing a tutorial.
  6. A sample test will be presented for you to practice answering questions using the keyboard.
  7. When you are finished with the sample test, you are ready to take the credentialing exam.
  8. You have a set amount of time to take your exam, the clock starts ticking when you start the exam.
  9. When you are satisfied with all of your answers on the exam, click on “submit,” and the computer will grade your test.
  10. You will then take a short survey regarding your exam experience.
  11. Once the survey is complete, your screen will instruct you to go to the proctor to receive a printout of your examination result letter.
  12. Your proctor will print your examination result letter, which will indicate your score, whether you’ve passed or failed the examination, and how you performed on each of the competency areas of the exam (your score report). Your examination result letter will also indicate your appropriate next step and what to expect from BMSC:
    • If you pass your exam, your results letter will indicate when you can expect your certificate.
    • If you fail your exam, you will be given information as to how and when you can register for your retake examination.

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