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ICD-9 Home Health Basics Competency

From the administrators of the already-established and respected Home Care Coding Specialist – Diagnosis certification comes the new ICD-9 Home Health Basics Competency. This examination tests beginning coders and other HHA staff who don't code full time, but need to understand the concepts of coding. It focuses on the base knowledge needed to use your ICD-9 manual and code correctly. The ICD-9 Home Health Basics Competency is the first step in your career ladder to the HCS-D, which tests the intersection of coding, billing, and OASIS for experienced coders.

ICD-9 Home Health Basics Competency Home Care Coding Specialist-Diagnosis
  • For less-experienced coders or those who must understand the basics of coding within their job function
  • Test-takers must understand the application of coding guidelines and conventions with an emphasis on understanding the rules and completing simple coding exercises
  • 40 questions, multiple choice and true/false
  • 85 percent correct to pass
  • No renewals
  • Rule-based or simple patient-based scenarios focus on test-taker’s ability to correctly navigate the manual to find the correct code or coding combinations
  • Understanding of the rules of Chapter 3 of the OASIS implementation manual for OASIS and coding M0 items is needed
  • For test-takers with two or more years of coding experience
  • Test-takers understand how to correctly use the ICD-9 manual and apply guidelines and conventions to find a correct code in a patient scenario situation
  • 50 questions, multiple choice
  • 80 percent correct to pass
  • Renewal on an annual schedule, rotating between CEUs and a recertification exam
  • Majority of scenarios contain multiple disease issues
  • Understanding of Chapter 3 instructions of the OASIS Implementation manual and correct application of OASIS and coding M0 items is imperative

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